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Bilingual New Testaments free to Jewish people
Bilingual Tanakhim  (Old Testaments) are available in Hebrew-English, French, Spanish, Russian, Hungarian & Yiddish. Also in Hebrew and Romanian only.

                                             New Covenant Couriers
                                                   P.O.Box 2442
                                              Greenville S.C. 29602
If you are Jewish with an interest in receiving one of these Bibles or know of someone else who would benefit from receiving one, or would like to learn more, please write to above address or send me an...
Nancy Lowe,   Director

"Behold, I will make a new covenant with the house of Israel, and with the house of Judah" Jeremiah 31:31

Genie Lowe with
Gershon Salomon
With Eric Browning
of The Society for
Distributing Hebrew

With Ian Paisley in
 Virginia Beach 2002