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Founder of New Covenant Couriers
The New Covenant Couriers was founded in 1982 by my mother, Genie Lowe. For many years she had a burden to reach out to Jewish people to tell them of their Messiah. (Psalm 22, Isaiah 53)  

She became aware of these bi-lingual Bibles and began a ministry of giving them free to anyone who was Jewish or had a Jewish acquaintance . She began praying with several ladies who earnestly asked God to work in the hearts of all those who received the Bibles. Genie, not only gave out Bibles, but held meetings for Christians who shared a similar interest. Special speakers were always invited. Display tables at various Missions or Bible conferences were set up from time to time. Thousands of Bibles have been given out through the years.

Genie went home to be with the Lord in 2010. Pictured below, along with Genie, are three of her prayer warriors, also in Heaven (Shirley Faber, Billie Youngblood and Mable Hunter. Eternity can only tell the results of what God has done through their prayers and faithfulness. 
                                                         -Nancy Lowe

This great lady was my mom. A few weeks before her death I heard her say, "I feel such a great peace". I asked her what she meant and she told me a burden had been lifted from her shoulders, and then "I did what God wanted." Her health declined almost immediately after that and she has gone to meet "Him who was pierced". She was so weak and could hardly move and could not talk. Just before she left us with great strength she broke her hands free from our grasp and lifted both her arms high while looking up. Then after 94 years the kindest heart I have ever known stopped beating. -Tom Lowe

Since my mother has left her earthly life, I have continued to make these Bibles available.

These Bibles are printed and shipped from the Society of Distributing Hebrew Scriptures in England. This ministry has been in existence for many years and they continue to print Bibles in more languages as they are able.

Although these Bibles are free to distribute to Jewish people, there is always a cost of printing and shipping. The Society for Distributing Hebrew Scriptures as well as the New Covenant Couriers is a faith ministry seeking to reach God’s chosen people with His Word.

If you wish to receive our newsletter, please let me know by email. Your prayer for this ministry is deeply appreciated.

Nancy at
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